Active Cultures

I found a yogurt that someone decided they didn’t want to eat (for whatever reason) tucked away in the corner of the built-in dining room cabinet/cupboard. I gathered my youthful audience in haste and showed them the scene of deception. I explained that the situation could have been even more gross had I not found this discarded and forgotten treasure when I did (spoon still inserted into the aging contents of the yogurt cup). But I went too far in my performance. Misreading my audience completely, I also mentioned that when I had visited Paris many years ago the yogurt was presented and sold with a thin layer of mold right on top…you had to scrape off the mold before eating it…and in no time at all this would have been the situation here in the dining room cabinet…because of active cultures and all.

The result of my yogurt tale: many wrinkled noses, a new distrust in yogurt and yet another item on the “Will Not Eat” list.

Good one, Cass. (Me…Stupido…with the big mouth.)

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