The Texan Cowboy Prince

After my cousin and his wife from Texas left our house this morning to fly back to their home, Charlie showed Genevieve on one of his bedroom wall maps exactly where Texas was located. As I was making Charlie’s bed at the time of his impromptu geographical presentation, I was present for the conversation between older and younger sibling:

CHARLIE: This is where Dustin and Kate are flying home to…Texas. It’s a big state. See it here, Gigi? (Charlie points to the correct area on the map.) It has cowboys and oil and cattle. And it’s very hot. (Charlie taps his pointer finger rapidly in the center of Texas.) Here’s Dallas. (He slides his finger upward and slightly to the right to pinpoint the city.)

GIGI: Is Dustin a cowboy? Is Kate a cowgirl?

CHARLIE: Nah. That’s just pretend stuff.

CASSIE: (Couldn’t help myself and interjected a clarification while I tucked in the corners of the top bed sheet.) Actually, there really ARE cowhands or ranchers – both men and women – in Texas. Probably more men than women. Those ranchers can ride horses and direct cattle like nobody’s business. It’s not all pretend…it’s a lot of hard work…

CHARLIE: Alright, alright. (Sighing) Well, Dustin and Kate are NOT cowboys, Gigi…Mom.

GIGI: Yes they are. I always wanted cowboys in my family. (Pause) I think maybe Dustin is a prince too. He talked to me the most. He played Candy Land and legos and hide and seek with only me. He’s a cowboy prince.

(Well, I think someone has a little love crush on Cousin Dustin.)


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