Cousin. Husband. Wife.

Gigi, who is three-and-a-half years old, is still working through her love-crush on my cousin, who visited us recently with his wife.

Gigi: I really love Dustin, Mom.

Cassie: I know Gigi. I know.

Gigi: Is Kate Dustin’s cousin…or his wife?

Cassie: His wife.

Gigi: Like you’re the wife with Daddy?

Cassie: Yes, that’s right.

Gigi: I wasn’t sure about who’s the cousin and who’s the husband or the wife.

Cassie: I know, Gigi. I know. (Pause) I think Dustin can still be the “Cowboy Prince” and Kate’s husband at the same time, though…Okay?

Gigi: Okay. (Pause) Someday I’m going to have a husband.

Cassie: Probably so.

Gigi: Yep.

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