The Youngest Kid Knows a Thing or Two

Cassie: (to no one in particular) Where is Daddy? What is taking him so long to get home from work? Huh? It’s Friday.

Genevieve: He’s probably giving a demo. Those take forever.

Cassie: (raising my eyebrows at my five-year-old’s intelligent response to my questions about “Late Daddy”) How do you know that?

Genevieve: Because when you do them, it takes forever and ever and ever and you never stop talking.

Cassie: You’ve listened to me give my sales demos?

Genevieve: Yea. I heard you do them. Even when your door is closed. I’m quiet. I listen. They take forever.

Cassie: I never stop talking? You think I talk a lot?

Genevieve: Yes.

Cassie: But I’m explaining how the technology works. I’m explaining the thing I’m selling to someone – a client – who’s never seen it before. Like a “Show-and-Tell” at school.

Genevieve: You mean Circle Time?

Cassie: Yea. Circle Time.

Genevieve: Everyone talks and asks a question…not just one person. You have to raise your hand, though, to talk. (Pause) Daddy doesn’t talk as much as you. Do you think his demo takes a long time?

Cassie: Daddy doesn’t really give demos anymore…at his current job…but he used to give them a lot.

Genevieve: Oh. I thought Daddy gave demos because he does computers and you do the demo on your computer. And anyway, asides, I heard you talking about the demos at night after dinner.

Cassie: Yea. Daddy gives me tips and pointers on how to give better demos.

Genevieve: They shouldn’t be so long. The demos are too long.

Cassie: Pffft. Thanks for the tip. Have you been talking to my boss?

Genevieve: (giggling) No, mommy. I just wait outside your door. A long time.

(I’m now re-thinking my entire demo protocol. Happy freakin’ Friday.)

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