Stale Graham Crackers

Gigi: These graham crackers are stale.

Cassie: That happens.

Gigi: The graham crackers should never be stale.

Cassie: Sometimes the crackers are stale.

Gigi: You should NOT let the graham crackers get stale.

Cassie: Just eat them anyway.

Gigi: What? Did you say to eat the stale graham cracker?

Cassie: Yes.

Gigi: I will NOT eat the stale graham cracker!

Cassie: Fine I’ll eat it.

Gigi: (silently watching me eat the cracker) Isn’t it terrible, Mommy?

Cassie: No. It’s not really that stale.

Gigi: It is. It’s VERY stale.

Cassie: It’s not.

Gigi: It is. The first thing when Daddy gets home, I’m going to tell him that you tried to make me eat the stale graham crackers.

Cassie: That’s tattling.

Gigi: I have to tell him when it’s about bad food.

Cassie: Gigi, it won’t make you sick. It’s just a cracker.

Gigi: But it’s awful and you were a bad Mommy.

Cassie: (sighing) Fine. Throw those crackers out. It’s time to go up for a bath.

Gigi: I can’t throw them out. That will waste them.

Cassie: But I thought you said they were stale.

Gigi: You’ll eat the stale ones and I’ll have the good ones.

Cassie: (sighing) Nice, Gigi.

Gigi: That’s how we’ll eat the graham crackers, Mommy, since you always let them get stale and I’m never eating the stale ones.

Cassie: I DON’T always let the crackers get stale…it was just this one time.

Chorus from the Great Room: You ALWAYS let the crackers get stale.

(Oh. My. God.)

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