A Flood of Tears

Sad GigiGigi: I have a little water in my eyes from my tears.

Cassie: Yea?

Gigi: Yep. Do you want to know why I have tears in my over wet eyes?

Cassie: Why?

Gigi: Because Charlie hurt my feelings.

Cassie: Yea. I heard all about it. You tattled and he got mad.

Gigi: And said mean things to me. Horrible things, Mommy.

Cassie: Yep.

Gigi: I tried to apologize and he won’t accept it.

Cassie: He’s not done feeling mad.

Gigi: Well, that’s bad. That’s really bad when you don’t accept my apology.

Cassie: I’m kind of done with this whole drama… this drama that has gone on for much of the evening. And I’m absolutely done with the tattling.

Gigi: I’m NOT tattling. I’m just explaining why I have wet eyes. Why I have a Flood…Of…Tears.

Cassie: A flood, huh?

Gigi: Yes.

Cassie: Hmmmm. Let’s read a book and move on.

Gigi: First, I need to dry my tears. With a lot of tissues. And my puffy eyes need to settle.

Cassie: Your puffy eyes need to settle?

Gigi: Yes. The puffy eyes (dab, dab) from the wet tears (pat, pat) that came because of the mean brother (wipe, wipe) who said bad words (tsk, tsk) even though I DIDN’T tattle.

Cassie: (long sigh followed by lengthy yawn)

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