Dude and Dudette

Genevieve: Is it “dudette” when you’re a girl? It’s called dudette for girls, right Mom?

Cassie: Huh?

Genevieve: Dudette is what you say for girls, right?

Charlie: It’s dude. It’s always just “dude.” (muttering) Oh my God.

Genevieve: Dude is for boys.

Charlie: Dude is for all. And if you don’t get that, then you shouldn’t be using the word dude.

Genevieve: What?

Charlie: Dude! It’s just dude!

Genevieve: I’m going to say “dudette.”

Charlie: Yep. Whatever. Go ahead.

Genevieve: I didn’t even ask you, Charlie. Mom, can I say dudette?

Cassie: Sure. Whatever.

Charlie: Oh. My. God.

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