Babysitter Translations

Our after-school babysitter is from The Ukraine. Sometimes language translations are a challenge. This afternoon, I overheard this conversation when coming out of my office/bedroom:

The Babysitter: (speaking of Gigi) Charlie? You tell me, why does she always put on her sleep clothes after the school?

Charlie: She likes to chill.

The Babysitter: She’s too cold?

Charlie: No. She likes to relax.

The Babysitter: I don’t get what you mean.

Charlie: She’s tired…after her day at school…very sleepy.

The Babysitter: Ahhh. But she stays in the night clothes for the rest of the day right into the night time.

Charlie: That’s just Gigi. She’s tired and also weird. (Pause) Get it?

The Babysitter: Yes.

Charlie: Our family is weird. I’m not weird, of course. But everyone else is fairly weird. This house is overflowing with weird.

The Babysitter: Hahahaha. Charlie, you’re so funny. Such a funny, good little boy.

Charlie: i know it.

(Oh brother.)

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