Project Cape May Presentation Rundown

Cassie: How did the presentation go?!!!!!

Charlie: I enjoyed myself immensely.

Cassie: Really?

Charlie: No. Sarcasm. Seriously, it went fine.

Cassie: Did you remember what you wanted to say? Did you have to use the cue cards a lot? Were you nervous?

Charlie: I’m so NOT interested in giving a play-by-play.

Cassie: But I’m so interested in hearing a play-by-play. Begin.

Charlie: I was maybe a little nervous.

Cassie: Yea. It happens.

Charlie: No kidding. One kid was so nervous, his hands were shaking and his body was kinda rattling. I felt like saying, “Dude, you gotta calm down.”

Cassie: Did you try to communicate that to him through your eyes and by paying attention? To offer support?

Charlie: Ummmm. No. You’re on your own up there. Anyway, he made it through…without passing out or puking. I was pretty sure it was gonna turn into a throw-up event. Are we done here?

Cassie: You sound so much like your brother….and your father.

Charlie: I know it.

Cassie: Last question. Did the teacher seem to like it?

Charlie: Guess so. She made a lot of notes on her pad of paper. Scribble, scribble, scribble… which was thoroughly distracting.

Cassie: I bet. (Suddenly slightly worried about what all the scribbling could mean.) If you were to grade yourself…..on a scale of 1 to 10…

Charlie: Oh, Mom. You can’t help yourself, can you?

Cassie: What? With the grades?

Charlie: Yea. An “A-.” Okay? But remember, I don’t give a crap about the grade and you shouldn’t either.

Cassie: Okay. Good job. Charlie. Good job.

Charlie: Thanks.

Cassie: Welcome.

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