Waiting for the Eyelashes to Grow


Chloe and a friend have been putting on makeup in her bedroom for HOURS.

Gigi (who’s been allowed to wear a dash of blush and a spot of lipstick): How much longer is it going to take for me to get older? Huh?

Cassie: A while.

Gigi: A long while or a short while?

Cassie: A long while.

Gigi: (sighing) And then my eyelashes can get longer?

Cassie: I suppose so.

Gigi: Why does it take so long to get older?

Cassie: It seems like it’s taking long now but time is a tricky thing. Once it has passed, it can seem like it actually went by very quickly.

Gigi: Not to me. To me, it seems like there is going to be a lot of space while I have to wait so I can wear the mascara and have my eyelashes be long and beautiful.

Cassie: I think your eyelashes are absolutely stunning just the way they are right now.

Gigi: (slight giggle) But they aren’t loooong enough. (Pause) I have to wait years and years, space after space, for you to let me get them long.

Cassie: Yes.

Gigi: It’s not really fair that Chloe gets to make her eyelashes long like a princess.

Cassie: She’s waited year after year, space after space already.

Gigi: Now it’s my turn to wait?

Cassie: Yes.

Gigi: I’m pretty bored of waiting and it’s only been some minutes.

Cassie: I know it, but I’ll be waiting with you and we can pass the time together for all the minutes and hours and days and years until you can make your eyelashes grow with mascara. Okay?

Gigi: Okay, Mom.

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