Art Camp Day #2

Cassie: Well?

Charlie: The teacher still has an accent.

Cassie: Well, of course. But what did you do?

Charlie: Owls. We drew owls…and then we turned the owls into rubber stamps and did printmaking.

Cassie: What’d ya think of that?

Charlie: Good. (pause) I’m very good at drawing owls. I draw the best in the class.

Cassie: It’s not a competition. Everybody has their own vision, right?

Charlie: Yea, yea, yea. But they couldn’t do the ears right. Owl ears are tough to draw. All the others drew ears that looked like a bunny rabbit’s or the antenna on a bug. They were way off. Way off.

Cassie: Did you do anything more with the Van Gogh stuff?

Charlie: Nope. That theme’s done. I don’t know how she’s organizing this whole thing.

Cassie: The teacher?

Charlie: Yea, the teacher, Mom. Who else? It’s a total mess…this art class.

Cassie: But are you having fun?

Charlie: (Pause) Guess so. I have some new friends. One’s a girl. She’s not too pink and fluffy so I can talk to her.

Cassie: Well that’s good. There’s an informal art show this Friday…on the last day of class. I can’t wait to see what you guys have been working on and to meet some of your new friends.

Charlie: Then you can see what a joke this art class is.

Cassie: What if I really like what I see?

Charlie: Then I am doomed.

Cassie: Let me ask you something, Charlie…what’s your vision of the perfect art class?

Charlie: That’s easy. I’m sitting next to a guy teacher – just us – and we hang out with pieces of paper and pencils. He draws a hand and I watch him draw a hand. I see how he does it and then I try to do it. And he gives me advice on how to do it. And we just hang out and draw stuff.

Cassie: It’s a guy teacher?

Charlie: Definitely a guy.

Cassie: Like a drawing tutor or mentor or something?

Charlie: Uh huh.

Cassie: I’ll try to find someone like that for you.

Charlie: So you’re going to “unsign” me from this class?!

Cassie: No, you’re finishing this class but I’ll look into your idea.

Charlie: Alright. (pause) You won’t forget?

Cassie: I won’t forget.

Charlie: Good.

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