Art Camp Day #1

Char's Van Gogh BedroomCassie: How was it?

Charlie: Stupid.

Cassie: Charlie, come on. What did you think of the teacher?

Charlie: Can’t understand a word she is saying. She’s from “Ahmsterdahm.”

Cassie: Amsterdam?

Charlie: Yeah. But she says it like this “Aaahhhm….ster….daaahhhm.

Cassie: Well, what did you draw? What was your subject…your theme, today?

Charlie: Van Gogh’s bedroom. She had us draw Van Gogh’s bedroom.

Cassie: Interesting. Kind of architectural….?

Charlie: Ridiculous.

Cassie: How about the other kids in the class? What are they like?

Charlie: Almost all girls. Two other boys.

Cassie: Well the set-up seems cool. The art barn with the long table that you all sit at to do your work. I liked the space…good light coming in through the top windows.

Charlie: You’re trying to talk like some artist now. I want you to cancel me out of this class…immediately.

Cassie: Not going to happen.

Charlie: I’ll give it one more day.

Cassie: Charlie, I’m glad, because I think you just have to be open to new techniques, ideas and suggestions by different teachers. You can still stick to your own way of drawing or creating but it never hurts to try something new…to change it up a bit.

Charlie: I don’t really like to change it up.

Cassie: I know. Me neither. But the more you try something new…and put up with the ridiculous moments, the greater your chances of discovering something amazing, something you really like. You never know…you just never know.

Charlie: There’s not going to be anything amazing about drawing Van Gogh’s kitchen.

Cassie: What, that’s what you’re going to have to do tomorrow?

Charlie: I don’t know….probably.

I pick Charlie up from Day #2 of his Art Camp in about twenty minutes. Anxious to hear, was it Van Gogh…the kitchen…or what?


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