Saturday Morning: Infinite

Genevieve and Cassie have been snuggling in bed while counting to one hundred. Charlie walks into the bedroom.

Genevieve: I counted to one hundred.

Charlie: Great.

Genevieve: I counted to all the numbers. I counted to the end.

Charlie: Genevieve, the numbers never end. You could stay here all day, counting, and never reach the end. (To me) Does she understand infinite?

Cassie: I don’t think so. Why don’t you explain it to her.

Charlie: I don’t want to. You’re the parent. You explain it.

Cassie: Charlie’s right, Gigi. Counting to one hundred is amazing and one hundred is one stopping place, but then there are many more numbers to count after that.

Gigi: I’m just counting to one hundred.

Charlie: (quietly sighing) Good idea. Because you’ll never reach the end.

Gigi: Yes! I counted to one hundred. That’s the end, right Mom?

Cassie: Sort of.

Charlie: (exasperated sighing) The end never comes, Gigi! The numbers go on FOREVER! When you stop counting the numbers out loud, that’s like…when you die or something. You may stop counting…you stop breathing….but all the numbers are still there and even when YOU die, there’s still life. Life goes on — just like all the numbers still exist FOREVER — even when you aren’t alive anymore, even when you’re not counting anymore. (Pause) She doesn’t get it.

Cassie: Wow, Charlie. Just wow.

Charlie: Ummm….yea. Are there going to be pancakes for breakfast this morning or what?

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