Sing Song Baths and Time Outs

Sing Song Baths and Time Outs

Chloe is giving Genevieve her bath tonight. Together they are singing songs from “Aladdin”…with full vibrato, each of them. Sounds quite good, if you ask me. Don’t ask Charlie, though. He was sent to his room to chill because he was stirring up trouble after dinner. After a few stanzas from the girls, I could hear him chime in from his bedroom (which is right near the bathroom) with snippets that he sang, also in full vibrato. Snippets like: “Oh. My. God.” “Will it never end?” “You’re killing me with the singing.” “Has there been enough punishment yet?” “Can we get off the show tunes?” “Is that opera now? No! Not opera!” “Such a painful death!”

I’ve had such an enjoyable evening, folding laundry and listening to it all.

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