Jets Leash

Cassie: What are you doing?
Max: Dad told me to walk the dogs.
Cassie: Yes, but what? You’re switching the leashes around?
Max: Daffodil’s pink and white polka dot leash doesn’t work for me.
Cassie: You don’t want to be seen with all that pink?
Max: Exactly. It’s bad enough that Daf acts like a total spaz during the walk.
Scott: You’ll raise more eyebrows with that “Jets” (football team) leash, you know.
Max: I don’t think so. It’s dark green and it’s great because it’s the Jets.
Cassie: (singsong voice to the West Side Story tune) “When you’re a Jet, you’re always a Jet.”
Max: (sighing) Whatever. (Walks out the door with the dogs and their leashes.)
Scott: Singing? Really?
Cassie: It was pretty clever.
Scott: Hmmm….

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