We’re Walking!


For the frozen yogurt treat, I made Charlie and his buddies walk into town with me.

Charlie: We’re not driving?

Cassie: Nope.

Friend #1: We’re walking all the way?

Cassie: Yep.

Friend #2: Did my mother give you permission….to walk?

Cassie: Yep.

Friend #1: We’re really walking?

Cassie: Yep.

Friend #2: Oh. My. God.

Friend #1: I’m gonna need a drink of water.

Charlie: My mother….inflicts pain on innocents. Whoever heard of walking?

Cassie: It will be good exercise. Come on, guys!

Friend #1: How far is it?

Cassie: Not too far.

Charlie: Oh, it’s far alright.

Friend #2: Oh. My. God.

Friend #1: (looking at Charlie) Dude.

Charlie: (shaking his head) I know. Sorry, man.

Friend #2: Oh. My. God.