Half Vegga

Gigi: What’s for dinner?

Cassie: Stovetop meatloaf.

Gigi: (wrinkling her nose) I’ll be nice about it this time.

Cassie: Gee. Thanks. This is Pop Walter’s recipe. It’s very good.

Gigi: I don’t like it. Can you NOT give me meatloaf for two whole months? Okay?

Cassie: I’ll think about it.

Gigi: I hate eating meat except for steak, hamburger and Kielbasa. I’m a vegga, Mom.

Cassie: A vegan?

Gigi: Yea.

Cassie: Well, a vegan, or a vegetarian, doesn’t eat meat at all. No hamburgers, no steak, no kielbasa.

Gigi: Oh. (Pause) I’m half a vegga since I’m only four years old.

Cassie: I see.

Gigi: Could you make me steak for dinner tonight instead of the meatloaf?

Cassie: No. I’m already searing the meatloaf here in the pan. Meatloaf is just chopped up steak, anyway.

Gigi: But I don’t like how it all blends.

Cassie: How it blends?

Gigi: Steak just has steak. Meatloaf blends with all the other stuff and I hate it.

Cassie: (giggling) You are too funny, G.

Gigi: No, I’m not. (Pause) It’s so a-sgusting. I’ll probably gag.

Cassie: Do you even know what “gag” is?

Gigi: Yes. From the last time I had to chew the meatloaf.

Cassie: Hmmm. Are you sure you don’t like meatloaf because Chloe doesn’t like it?

Gigi: Nope. My own tongue is grossed out from it.

Cassie: Your half-vegan tongue?

Gigi: Yea. Can I set the table?

Cassie: Sure.

Gigi: I’m just eating the vegetables tonight.

Cassie: Fine.

Gigi: Good.