#ThePlague and Homeschooling

Cassie: That’s what they’re calling it, “The Plague?”

Max: Yep.

Cassie: What’s everyone saying on Twitter besides calling it “The Plague?”

Max: That it sucks.

Cassie: Ummm…yea.

Max: E threw up fifteen times.

Cassie: Wow.

Max: Some kids had to go to the hospital.

Cassie: Did S get it?

Max: No…the jerk.

Cassie: He’s your best friend. If he doesn’t get the stomach virus, he’s a jerk?

Max: Yup.

Cassie: Nice friend you are.

Max: I’m bitter.

Cassie: I can tell. (Pause) But doesn’t it feel good to be alive…now that we’re feeling better?

Max: I guess. But I’m not jolly about it or anything.

Cassie: Yes, I can see that.

Max: Also, could you please remove all Girl Scout Cookies from this house?

Cassie: Those are really done for you, huh?

Max: Yep. Probably for life. I can’t even see the boxes without….

Cassie: That happened for me with milkshakes…when I was a little kid.

Max: When you were a little kid? And it still has an effect on you?

Cassie: Yup.

Max: Even when you’re so old now?

Cassie: Yea. Even though I’m so old. (Sigh)

Max: Just kidding.

Cassie: Never met a milkshake I can really take on with any kind of gusto. And Kale Chips — I have a serious problem with Kale Chips. That one is more recent.

Max: It wouldn’t take a stomach virus to keep me off anything with kale in it.

Cassie: I know. Actually, I might be feeling a little nauseated now….just thinking about shakes and kale.

Max: Me too. Memories linger.

Cassie: Keep me current on the Twitter Talk, okay?

Max: You mean about “The Plague?” You really want to know how many times all my friends booted?

Cassie: No. No. Gross. Just if there’s any information on who is still staying home from school because they’re too sick….with The Plague. (Pause) I’m kinda concerned about it spreading to all the other schools now…from all the siblings who have been infected by an older brother or sister in the high school.

Max: The virus will never die. We’ll have to stay in the house forever.

Cassie: You’ll have to be home schooled.

Max: That would be bad. Very bad.

(I start to leave Max’s bedroom.)

Max: You were kidding about homeschooling, right?

Cassie: Only “The Plague” knows.

Max: Pffft.