A Canvas Is the Plan

Cassie: Which thing from the homework packet do you want to do today?

Charlie: Nothing.

Cassie: Charlie. Come on!

Charlie: Alright. I’ll do the “Picture of Spring” assignment.

Cassie: Okay. Good one. Grab a piece of paper.

Charlie: Nah. I’m going upstairs to get a canvas. Then I’m going outside to sit in nature and sketch. Then I’m going to paint up the scene with my acrylics.

Cassie: Wow. Okay. You could probably just sketch something on regular paper and use colored pencils….

Charlie: Are you kidding? That would be way too easy for me. Acrylics….that’s my medium these past few weeks. This is going to be a great picture of spring. You’ll see.

(Nothing makes my heart go pit-a-pat quite like an artist son with a plan and a passion for a project he’s about to begin.)