Lisa Loopner

Scott and I caught the kids’ colds. I’ve been blowing my nose so vigorously that I’ve had to dab a little lotion beneath my nose, a Vaseline Intensive Care mustache, if you will. I feel very “Lisa Loopner. ” With my best Lisa impersonation I told Scott all about my “raw nasal underneath”.  With a squint and a smirk, Scott said he would NEVER try to imitate “Todd” and that if I was thinking he would, well then, I was just too weird for words. Then he said I should probably just try to quiet my inner nerd and breathe through my mouth, which is exactly what Lisa used to be forced to do (breathe through her mouth) in all the skits because her nose was so stuffed up and she had such a bad case of the “raw underneath.”  So, actually, by telling me to breathe through my mouth, Scott’s just pushing me to be Lisa Loopner.  He is.  And now my inner nerd is all confused.  And I really need “Todd” to talk about it.

But I guess he’s just not in the mood.