Attitude on Sundays

Gigi Princess #2Genevieve: This afternoon, do you think we could go buy a Kindle?

Cassie: No. Since when do you want a Kindle?

Genevieve: I’ve wanted one for years.

Cassie: Really? You have only just learned to read, like THIS year.

Genevieve: I guarantee it that I could have learned to read way faster with a Kindle.

Cassie: Oh brother.

Genevieve: No, seriously Mom.

Cassie: SERIOUSLY, Genevieve. I GUARANTEE that we are not getting a Kindle. You can just read a book in the regular old hardcover or paperback format. We have tons of those old fashioned things all throughout the house.

Genevieve: I hate it when you say the words I just said to say no to me or so I can’t do something. That’s fresh!

Cassie: Sorry if I seem fresh, but you have a lot of attitude about this Kindle idea.

Genevieve: I always have a lot of attitude on Sundays. (shrugging her shoulders) It’s just how I am.