Sunday Morning Reading In Bed


Gigi hops onto our bed, sits herself down in between the bed-clothed lumps that are Scott and me and starts to read “Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr. Seuss. Soon Daffodil (the smaller of the two dogs) joins us. Daffodil, Scott and I doze happily to the lull of the rhyming words. After some time (ten minutes…an hour?)….

Scott: Wow, Gigi. That’s very good. You read that story like four times.

Gigi: No. It was just once. I’ll read it again now.

Scott: No. No. That’s okay. It was super good. But you should go downstairs and read it to Charlie or Chloe now.

(Gigi scoots off the bed, followed by Daffodil. They are both out the door in seconds and rushing down the stairs in search of siblings.)

Scott: (mumbling from his pillow) That sounded like she read the book over and over, didn’t it?

Cassie: Yea. I think I drifted off. Did you?

Scott: Totally.

Cassie: “Green Eggs and Ham” is long. First, the mouse is on top of the house.Then, the house has to be on top of the mouse. That’s how it goes with Green Eggs and Ham, Sam-I-Am.

Scott: Stop it!

Cassie: Just saying.

Scott: Shhh. Sunday morning. No talking, reading, rhyming…for ten more minutes.