The Origin of “Sports”


Gigi: Mom! Did you know something? My friend, S, the one I sit next to at my table at school?

Cassie: Yes?

Gigi: Her great, great grandfather invented “sports” — you know, the word, “sports.”

Cassie: Hmm. I don’t think that’s quite right. Maybe your friend’s great, great grandpa was a huge sports enthusiast. Maybe, he liked and played sports so much and so well that he was like a legend within the family. He was sooo good at sports, it was almost like he invented sports.

Gigi: (silent for a moment, thinking) No! No! No! You weren’t there for the conversation, Mom. You don’t know how S said it. She’s definitely telling the truth. I can tell. Geez, Mom, you don’t know everything!

(So there.)