Cookie Sale

Chloe arrived home from band rehearsal with news of a cookie sale (to help benefit the Redwood Middle School Marching Band trip to Disney Land this spring). Already, she has a business plan in place to achieve top sales for the entire Redwood Middle School. Apparently if certain cookie sale benchmarks are reached, sales revenue can be applied (in modest increments) to offset the cost of each individual student’s trip. Well…this kind of sales incentive is right up Chloe Bollinger’s alley. Her enthusiasm is at an all time high. She can barely punch the calculator keys fast enough to calculate various sales outcomes, percentages, offset amounts.

No homework has been started this afternoon (unusual for Chloe) because of the business plan, refinement of various sales pitches (yes, this is door-to-door…and yes, she knows a little Mandarin, which could prove invaluable in our new homeland) and sharp analysis of the cookie inventory so that she can prioritize those package deals that she should pitch more vigorously to increase her overall sales. Watch out, Saratoga. Ready your checkbooks. Here comes Chloe Bollinger.