Cooties on the iPad

We think Genevieve may have pink-eye.

Charlie: Are you touching my iPad with all your pink-eye germs?

Genevieve: Daddy said I could use it to watch a show cuz he’s watching football.

Charlie: But it’s MY iPad and I don’t want it gunked-up with your eye business.

Genevieve: I don’t know how it happened. My eye got all pink.

Charlie: I don’t really care how it happened, Gigi. Just stay away from my stuff.

Genevieve: You ‘ll get the eye sickness too?

Charlie: No! As long as you stay away from me. Totally disgusting. I hate eye stuff. Don’t even look at me. Why don’t you go read books in your room?

Genevieve: Nah….

Charlie: Go find Mommy so she can check your bad eye.

Genevieve: She and Daddy already checked it a lot of times.

Charlie: They need to check it again.

Genevieve: No they don’t!

Charlie: Yes they do. Seriously!

Genevieve: Mom?! Mom?!

(I call to Genevieve from my bedroom. She enters and we chat about her eye, how bored she is – now that the television is back to the football game and the half-time show with Beyonce is done. She begs me to insist that she be given the iPad. I ignore her for a while and then I, too, suggest she read books.)

Genevieve: Mom, if Charlie gets pink-eye, will he be allowed to use the iPad?

Cassie: I don’t know Gigi. Probably, because it IS his iPad.

Genevieve: But he’s supposed to share.

Cassie: True. Charlie DOES share his iPad with you a lot of the time, though, doesn’t he? What else could you do? How about a puzzle? Or some Polly Pockets since puppy is in her crate so she won’t eat the little pieces?

Genevieve: That’s too boring. I’m so bored with this day…and my eye that’s pink and gross. Wanna play a game? Wanna play Candy Land?

Cassie: Sure.

Genevieve: Are you gonna get pink-eye on you?

Cassie: I hope not. I’ll be careful.

Genevieve: If you do, you can just wear your sunglasses for the whole time and then when your eye puffs up and gets gross, no one will be able to see it.

Cassie: True.

Genevieve: But you won’t be able to use the iPad. And when you take the glasses off, Charlie will get all grossed out if he sees your eye. Will Charlie get it? Will Charlie get the pink-eye?

Cassie: Maybe.

Genevieve: Ohhhhh. That will be bad.

Cassie: I’m getting a little tired of this conversation. Go get the game now. Okay?

Genevieve: Okay.

Genevieve heads for her playroom to retrieve the board game and I leave my desk to go wash my hands…thoroughly….again. I stare into my eyes in the mirror above the sink and am relieved to see that there is no pink.