A Curly Personality

charandMomCharlie: It might be that your hair looks a little funk-a-rella this morning.

Cassie: Too freakish?

Charlie: A bit.

Cassie: Thanks for the heads-up.

Charlie: No problem. “Heads-up.” Hair. That’s good. (I reach for the handle of the kitchen door.) Wait! You’re still going out? Aren’t you going to do something about your hair first? You can’t go out with it looking like that.

Cassie: Relax! I’m just going for a bike ride. I’ll have my helmet on. It’ll cover it.

Charlie: Well, that’s a relief. In case you see one of my friends or their mothers or something. It would be impossible to explain that. (He glances up at my head of frizz.)

Cassie: (sighing) I’ve always had issues with my hair.

Charlie: Everybody’s got something.

Cassie: What’s your thing?

Charlie: I’m a little hyper. I’m glad to be alive and doing stuff and it comes out in my style of doing things.

Cassie: I guess my hair is a little hyper.

Charlie: Yea. But what’s your hair glad about? It’s happy to be free to “zoink” around in all different directions?

Cassie: I guess.

Charlie: Your hair is crazy.

Cassie: I know. Sometimes I wish it could be flat. I used to make my hair flat. It was a lot of hard work to get it so it would stay smooth. I don’t have time for all that hair prep any more.

Charlie: Flat hair doesn’t really go with your personality anyway. You’re sort of a curly, frizzy type.

Cassie: Ya think?

Charlie: Yep. But it just got a little outta hand today. That’s all.

Cassie: Good thing you were here to tell me. (pause) Was that a compliment….what you said about me being a curly type?

Charlie: Maybe. Just get it back under control before you see anyone we know.

Cassie: I’ll try. The helmet should help.

Charlie: Or a shower. You need to start over with a shower, I think. After the bike ride.

Cassie: You’re right. And put some product in.

Charlie: Yea….some product. Whatever. Have a good bike ride. Don’t forget your helmet.