A Guy Thing


Cassie: You cannot pee outside.

Charlie: I checked. No one was looking. It was in the forest.

Cassie: Which is on the edge of the street, where lots of people could see as they drive by…and someone saw.

Charlie: I’m not bothered by this at all.

Cassie: Yes, but I am.

Charlie: It’s tough being a mother.

Max: (who has been in the kitchen with Scott, listening intently to this little discussion) Dude.

Charlie: Yea…like you’ve never done that.

Max: Dude.

(Max leaves the kitchen. Scott, who has been silent during this entire chat, follows Max. Both father and eldest son are muttering and shaking their heads.)

Charlie: Dad and Max have done that…pee outside. I’m sure of it.

Cassie: I certainly hope not.

Charlie: They did. It’s a total guy thing and they just won’t admit it.

Cassie: Well don’t do it again.

Charlie: I definitely won’t. Not in the daylight hours anyway.