What Cassie Does During a Snow Day


Snow Day


1. Dishes, load and unload the dishwasher. Because there is usually some sort of meal/snack consumed (by someone living at our house or visiting our house) every hour on the hour

2. Pick up wet clothes and make sure they are laid out in an organized fashion in front of the fire. This requires surveying all rooms of the house because the disrobing of various soggy outer clothes has occurred everywhere but the laundry room, the coat closet or in front of the fire place. Case in point: I find two wet socks stuffed between the cushions of the couch in the Great Room. Why? ‪#‎questionsthathavenoanswers‬

3. Eat. Because I am part of the “every hour on the hour ” problem mentioned above.

4. Talk to the dogs. Because they listen to whatever I’m saying and I love them so.

5. Clean bathrooms. Because even though it’s a horrible job, there’s no time like the present.

6. Laundry. Because of all the wet socks that taunt me.

7. Try not to inquire more than twice about how the extra day of mid-term study is working out for the two high school-ers. (They don’t answer me anyway…just blink rapidly, roll eyes and scowl.)

8. Worry incessantly about sledding collisions and concussions.

9. Count to ten slowly while sucking in deep breaths. Because each child from the younger set has complained at least four times about how bored they are.

10. Turn the TV off. (That’s enough television for today.)

11. Turn the TV on. (Please, be my guest, pick a show, any show. Because I need the bickering and whining and giggling and shrieking to stop.)

12. Bake brownies, chocolate chip cookies and banana bread so there is enough food for “every hour on the hour.” More dishes.

13. Nap/Read.

14. Seven-Minute Workout. I’ve had all day to do a more lengthy workout or some extensive yoga stretching, but apparently seven minutes is all I can make time for.

15. Meditate.

16. Nap again.

17. Manage Charlie The Kid’s research for his African American Biography Book Report until he complains loudly about my management style and Scott is forced to take over.

18. Eat again.

19. Walk the dogs if I can’t convince someone else to do it.

20. Try to figure out what elaborate dinner I can prepare with just the food items in our house because, well, the family is absolutely ravenous.

How’s your snow day going?