Curly Hair Modeling

Curly Hair ModelI have been asked to be a curly hair model for a friend’s hair salon web site. The photography session happens tomorrow. Over the last couple of days I have shared the news with each family member.

Charlie: Are you making that up? Is that a joke?

Cassie: No, it’s not a joke. Pffft.

Charlie: What? I thought it was a joke.


Chloe: Really? Humph.

Cassie: What do you mean, “Really?” I can be a hair model.

Chloe: I guess.


Max: Why are you telling me this?

Cassie: I’m sharing my news.

Max: I don’t really care about hair. Like, my Mom’s hair….why do I need to know that?


Genevieve: What’s a model?

Cassie: They’re going to take pictures of my hair because I have curly hair. A couple of their hair stylists are very good at working with curly hair. They want to show off that fact with some photos.

Genevieve: I think I need to be in the picture too. I can sit on your lap.

Cassie: No. Not this time.

Genevieve: When are the hair pictures happening?

Cassie: Sunday morning.

Genevieve: But that’s when we have pancakes. Who will make the pancakes?

Cassie: Dad.

Genevieve: Fine.

Scott: A hair model, huh?

Cassie: Yea. Why is that so hard for everyone to believe?

Scott: No, no reason. It’s just that I’ve seen your hair in all it’s many, you know, glorious phases.

Cassie: Oh…be quiet. It will be styled by E….with product. It will be “professionally contained.”

Scott: Well, alright then.

Cassie: You should probably say something about how beautiful my hair is.

Scott: Hmmm. Yep. But sometimes your hair is….like right now—

Cassie: I just woke up! It’s bed-head!

Scott: Yes, indeed.

Cassie: Anyway, I told Gigi that you would make the whole pancake breakfast.

Scott: Of course you did.

Cassie: And M is sleeping over so you have to make it good…like you care. Have someone help you set the table and stuff.

Scott: Light the candles?

Cassie: Yea. Great idea.

Scott: I was kidding. (Pause) How long is the curly hair modeling going to take?

Cassie: A few hours. I’m not really sure.Then, later in the afternoon, I have my meditation class.

Scott: Right.

Cassie: And I don’t need to tell you that my hair is going to look really good for meditation.

Scott: (sighing) Right.