The White Couch Has a Glow

So you know the white couch I’ve been going on and on about? It just got spattered by the gunk inside one of those glow sticks. So now my grayish white couch glows in a yellow florescent kind of way. What do you think of that, huh? I’m still working through a rant, a rave, a fit. I did confirm that none of the glow liquid was ingested by child or bull dog beast. Scott Googled to ascertain how toxic the liquid might be (it’s not toxic) and then gave me some pointers (he also found on Google) about how to clean glowing spots. We had just finished admonishing two of the four children for eating buttered popcorn on the couch…in the living room…that greasy, greasy butter could do so much damage…but then, I guess, it was such an easy jump to glow sticks. One wonders, while controlling her breathing, how the stick suddenly burst open to splatter, to spray… all over the white couch?  I’m so disappointed. It helps to share with you all. I’m wondering, how long do you think the glow stuff glows? Forever?