When Some Cool Friends Come to Dinner

Dinner with old friends from my theater days at our house last night. Scott’s bolognese sauce, good wine, good talks and lots of laughs. I laughed so hard a couple of times that I cried and my mascara smeared.

It’s the first time our kids have met these two gems. Especially interesting for Charlie The Kid, the booming actor who doesn’t even know he’s an actor, to meet these professional actors. Wish I had taken pictures, but Chris and Gina are actually a little too cool to have their picture taken by the general paparazzi, you know?

When we finally got to bed time….

Cassie: Thanks for being such a good little girl tonight when Chris and Gina were here.

Gigi: You’re welcome Mommy. (pause) Mommy?

Cassie: Yes?

Gigi: I think I love them.

Cassie: I know what you mean, G. Me too.


Cassie: Did I tell you or what? Chris and Gina are totally neat, right?

Charlie: They are not “neat.” They are COMPLETELY COOL. How do you even know them anyway?