Why Mirrors?

The mother finds her tutu-ed daughter preening in front of the large mirror.

“Hey, G, what are you up to?”

“Checking to see if my beauuuuty is still there.”

“Your beauty is always there…inside of you, Gigi. That’s what I see when I look at you, beauty coming out…of…you.”

“I know it, Mommy, but outside bootifulness is the only one that I can see in the mirror. I have to check it with my eyes…in mirrors. This is my favorite mirror ’cause it shows ALL of me. Sometimes my outfit matches; sometimes it doesn’t. (pause) Why do you look in the mirror?”

“To get ready in the morning, to fix my hair, to check on things.”

“Are you checking your beauty, too, Mommy?”

“Not really…more like whether I’m holding up. I’m checking to see if I look good enough…and also, like you, if my outfit matches.”

“I think you are so beautiful, Mom, when you smile at people.”

“That’s a really nice thing to say, Gigi. That makes me feel very beautiful. Thank you.”