A Holiday Kind of Question – December 2012

“So, if tomorrow were your last day on Earth, what would you want, what would you LOVE, to be doing?”

Chloe (Twelve-and-a-half years old): What?! Do I have to answer this? Is this for Face Book? Your blog?

Cassie: Maybe. Will you think about it and then tell me? When you’re in the mood?

Chloe: Okay.

Chloe’s answer (eventually): Acting on stage in front of a live audience.


Max (Fourteen-and-a-half years old): This is totally random. As you can see, I’m doing my homework and your timing is really off. Can you come back later?

Cassie: What’s the first thought that comes to mind?

Max: Playing trumpet…really, really well.

Cassie: See? Not so hard. It’s what I would have guessed you might say.


Charlie (Nine years old): That’s easy! Gaming all day with my friends…with no time limit…and, um…no parental volume control.

Cassie: You’d want to relive your birthday party?

Charlie: I guess so. I’d want to be with my family and friends.

Cassie: What about your art? I would have thought you’d say something about drawing or creating cartoons and comics.

Charlie: Don’t try to feed the answer, Mom.

Cassie: Sorry. I was just thinking about what your passions are…the things you might want to be doing to the fullest on your last day.

Charlie: Mom, if it’s your last day on Earth, wouldn’t it be better to be passionate about the people in your life instead of the things?

Cassie: Yes. Jeez, Charlie. That’s a “Bingo” kind of answer. It really is.


Genevieve (Four years old): What? Why are you saying that? I don’t get it.

Cassie: If you could do anything at all, G. Something you wanted to do…all day. What would you do?

Genevieve: Read! I would read all the words by myself. I would read the chapter books and the Big-Kid Books.

Cassie: I think days of reading like that will be coming soon for you, my dear.


Scott: (sighing) Why are we doing these big world questions right now?

Cassie: You sound like Max. (Pause) For example, I would say writing for me. I would be writing stuff for queenbeepost, or maybe for something bigger…

Scott: Something that paid money?

Cassie: Hah! Very funny.

Scott: I don’t know. Playing trumpet with an orchestra, I guess.

Cassie: Like son, like father.

Scott: Max said playing trumpet? (A grin expands across my husband’s face.)

Cassie: He did.


Happy Holidays to all from the Bollinger crew in California!

May this holiday season and the New Year to come bring you a multitude of moments doing what you love…with the people you love.