JV Lacrosse Game Stats

Saratoga won (7-6).
Tough game. Big players as well as excellent “D” from the opposing team.
Max made 3 of the 7 goals for the Saratoga win.
Many penalties for stick slashing and slapping. One penalty on Max for slashing.

Brief Post Game Discussion

Mother Cassie: “Why do you have to slash at the other players? You really could have hurt that one kid.”

Son Max: (blink, blink, blink) “That is how the game is played, Mom.”

Mother Cassie: “I know…but I feel really badly for the kids who get hurt. (Pause.) Did you hear us cheering you on, especially when you and C made that nice play and you got the goal?”

Son Max: “I don’t really hear anything. I’m always just trying to make the next goal.”

Mother Cassie: “Or the next slash?”

Son Max: “When necessary. Yes.”

Mother Cassie: “Such a weird sport.”

Son Max: “I love it.”