Knowledgeable Video

Cassie: Gigi, are you watching a video on the iPad?

Gigi: Yes.

Cassie: What is it a video of?

Gigi: How to do Mulan’s make-up.

Cassie: There’s a video for that?

Gigi: There’s a video for all the princesses’ make-up, like Cinderella and Jasmine. You know, all of them.

Cassie: I see. What have I said about getting videos from YouTube? You have to ask me first.

Gigi: It’s absolutely appropriate.

Cassie: I’ll be the judge of that. You have to check in with me first. Got it?

Gigi: Pffft. That takes too long to ask you every time.

Cassie: Too bad.

Gigi: I’ve seen them all and know them by heart anyway. I know all the make-up.

Cassie: What are these other videos here in your recently viewed deck? You didn’t ask me to see any of these. What the heck, Gigi!

Gigi: Cupcakes and cakes. I like to watch to see how the cooks decorate cakes. You see that princess one there? I want that for my birthday next year. Can you do it for me? Puhleeeeese?!

Cassie: That looks complicated. I’m not sure I can manage it.

Gigi: Fine. I’ll do it. I learned it already. Just give me some frosting and I can show you how to make it. (Pause) That’s all that I need, Mom. Frosting and makeup.

(Oh. My. God.)