Homework Call of Duty

Cassie at the office. Scott working from home. No babysitter after school as she is now sick with the stomach virus. Scott is begrudgingly on Charlie Homework Duty.

Via text:

Cassie: How’s homework?

Scott: Fine. Kumon done. Told me he finished all school homework.

Cassie: Yea? Look carefully. Did he do whole science packet?

Scott: Skipped some pages.

Cassie: Of course.

Scott: Says he doesn’t have to do those pages.

Cassie: Bull.

Scott: Says they’re extra…enrichment.

Cassie: He needs to be enriched.

Scott: Says he got 102 on last science unit test and extra pages are waste.

Cassie: Too bad.

Scott: This is pain in my ass.

Cassie: Yes.

Scott: Fourth grade – can’t he self-manage?

Cassie: Nope. It’s Charlie. Got a 65 on last spelling quiz.

Scott: Crap.

Cassie: Indeed.

Scott: When you home? Gigi puked again.

Cassie: Again?! Late…or never.

Scott: Funny. You working from home tomorrow?

Cassie: Yes.

Scott: Thank God.