The Burden of a Sleepover

Cassie: I hate sleepovers.

Scott: Yea?

Cassie: Yes. Because I have to be nice to yet another child. I have to be all nice-nice.

Scott: Pffft. I dare you to put that on Facebook. Everyone thinks you’re so nice all the time. They just don’t know the real Cassie. Hah! You always seemed your…. um…. “natural” self during sleepovers back in New Jersey.

Cassie: All those kids knew me and loved me anyway…even if I had a “Crankster Moment.” And I knew the parents of those kids. The other Jersey parents had plenty of their own cranky moments in front of my kids. It all evened out. Everyone just did their cranky parenting together. You know?

Scott: Yea. Well, we’ll be home soon and you can go back to your cranky, Jersey sleepover parent self.

Cassie: Thank God! Jesus….