The Skeleton is Worser


Gigi: Mom, can you please make sure that Charlie goes on a different path on Halloween?

Cassie: A different path? You don’t like his costume?

Gigi: Nope. I hate it. I’m gonna be terrified for all the days until Halloween night.

Cassie: I told him to put his new costume away and I made him promise me that he wouldn’t put it on again until Halloween.

Gigi: Where did he put it?

Cassie: I dunno. Somewhere in his room probably.

Gigi: Can you have him put it in the garage?

Cassie: No.

Gigi: In the attic?

Cassie: I’ll ask him if he’s okay with that. Sure.

Gigi: I’m never going into the attic for the rest of my whole life.

Cassie: I get the message, Genevieve. We’ll keep Charlie’s scary costume out of your way until Halloween. Don’t worry about it.

Gigi: I’m very worried. He’s probably going to take it out to scare me when you’re at work.

Cassie: I’ll explain the situation to the babysitter and he knows that there will be severe consequences if he scares you with it…even once.

Gigi: Like you’ll have to throw it out in the trash?

Cassie: (giggling) Maybe.

Gigi: And on Halloween, he has to go down a different path…or I’m going to do the trick or treating with another family. Okay? Don’t forget to tell him HE HAS TO GO ON A DIFFERENT PATH.

Cassie: I won’t forget.

Gigi: I don’t like Halloween as much as Charlie.

Cassie: I know. Hang in there. Soon it will be your birthday and then Christmas. At least Charlie’s not going to be Wolf Man again this year.

Gigi: The skeleton is worser than Wolf Man, Mom. It’s much worser.