Another Word for “Butt” is “Ass”

Today at breakfast:

Gigi: Did you know that I know that another word for “butt” is “ass?”

Cassie: Hmmm….

Gigi: It’s a swear word.

Cassie: Yes.

Gigi: Charlie told me it’s one of your favorite swear words…that you usually call the guy in the car who is bad at driving an “ass.”

Cassie: Thanks, Charlie.

Gigi: He tells me a lot of secret stuff about you.

Cassie: Lovely.

Gigi: Not just how you use “ass” when you’re mad.

Cassie: I can only imagine.

Gigi: Are you still waking up a little?

Cassie: Yes.

Gigi: Okay. We’ll talk about all the stuff I know another time.