Genevieve: Mom! Can you do that thing that I told ya to do?

Cassie: I think I forgot. What did you want me to do?

Genevieve: (sighing) To put “Netflix Kids” on so I can see some of the appropriate shows. I’ve been waiting a long time. (Pause.) Is it because I didn’t ask you nice enough? That’s why you didn’t do it?

Cassie: No. I’m just thinking about a lot of other stuff right now.

Genevieve: Well, could you focus? On what I want you to do for me? Right now? Could you? Please?

Cassie: Sure, Gigi.

Genevieve: On some of the minutes you have to pay attention to me. That’s how the mothers are supposed to do it.

Cassie: You’re right.

Genevieve: I know.

Cassie: You sound like Charlie when you have the final word and you say, “I know.”

Genevieve: No, I don’t.

Cassie: Yes, you do!

Genevieve: Can you just do the “Netflix Kids” now?

Cassie: Yep.

Genevieve: Can you leave? I like to watch the Number Land show by myself.

Cassie: But I thought you wanted me to pay attention to you!

Genevieve: Not right now. Just before.