First Day Prep

Gigi portrait at tree in Iris Gardens 52614Just another Saturday morning, but holy crap, I have a lot to do before the first day of school. Just ask Genevieve.

Cassie: What are you doing?

Gigi: Organizing my back pack.

Cassie: But the first day of school isn’t until next Thursday. It’s Saturday morning.

Gigi: Mom, I need it to be ready now. This is going to be one of the best days of my life.

Cassie: The first day of school?

Gigi: Yes, the first day of school. It’s all my concentration. (Pause) I need a new water bottle that doesn’t leak. I need a fresh notebook that has none scribbles in it. I also put the extra set of clothes in a Ziplock bag in case there’s an accident. It says you have to do that. But there aren’t going to be any accidents. Really, Mom.

Cassie: I see. I totally need a Starbuck’s coffee right now.

Gigi: Daddy got it for you already. It’s downstairs. Come on, Mom. Go get your coffee and get excited. We have so very much a lot of things to do.