“Deadpool” Discussion With The Hub (In Bed)


Cassie: Charlie insists on seeing “Deadpool.” Like, this is an issue for him.

Scott: He’s obsessed. He keeps watching the trailer over and over again. Then he repeats the one-liners.

Cassie: It’s rated “R.” I said one of us would have to go with him to see the movie.

Scott: Let me guess….

Cassie: (sighing) Anyway, he chose you.

Scott: Of course.

Cassie: Of course. (pause) Says he’ll refrain from repeating all the best lines while you’re still in the theater.

Scott: We’ll see. (pause) I’ll research the “R” rating.

Cassie: Good.

Scott: Go to sleep.

Cassie: You’re a good father.

Scott: Thank you