After Day 3 of unpacking the kitchen….

Cassie: It may be that we have a few too many spatulas. There aren’t enough cabinets and drawers for all the shit that we have.

Scott: Pfffft.

Cassie: Oh be quiet!

Scott: Didn’t say a word.

Cassie: I’m really quite mad and frustrated!

Scott: (Silence.)

Cassie: Did you hear me?!

Scott: Um….yes.

Cassie: This is so stupid. Why do we have so much stuff? I have a new job. I don’t even want to cook any more. Ahhhhh!

Scott: I guess now wouldn’t really be the best time to discuss your placement of the pots and pans…..

Cassie: What?!

Scott: The pots and pans.

Cassie: What’s wrong with where I put the pots and pans?

Scott: They should probably be divided between these two big bottom drawers here. When they’re all in one drawer, it weighs a lot. What’s in this other bottom drawer?

Cassie: That’s the Tupperware drawer. And all the kids’ plastic things. We have a lot of plastic shit. I’ve just spent three days unpacking all this crap! You wanna re-arrange it?! Fine! It’s not my fault we have a lot of Tupperware! Damn it!

Scott: (sighing) I see. We’ll talk about it later.

Cassie: Later?!! I’m never talking about it again. Stupid pots and pans! Stupid Tupperware! Stupid cabinets and drawers! Stupid spatulas!

Scott: Nice. Irrational.

Cassie: That’s right! That’s what five days straight of unpacking and staring at spatulas and all this stuff, that must be shelved and put away somewhere in whatever room of this house, will do to a person.

Scott: You probably should just take a break.

Cassie: Should I now! Pffft. I’m going to Martha’s Vineyard for five days… BY MYSELF… WHERE THERE’S NO TUPPERWARE…OR SPATULAS!!! AND NO ONE ELSE IS INVITED!

(It turns out that I went for a bike ride instead of escaping to Martha’s Vineyard. For two days, though, I’ve refused to use a pot or pan, a single piece of Tupperware or a spatula. I’ve continued to work on unpacking other rooms, but I can’t seem to get my mind off the damn Tupperware drawer. I think I’ve figured out now where to put the Tupperware elsewhere in the kitchen so that there’s room for some of the piss-y pots and pans to fit in the other large bottom drawer, the way Scott suggested. I guess he’s right about that. He’s usually right about stuff, which I freaking hate sometimes, like when I’m exhausted from unpacking.

I’m gonna rearrange the pots and pans and Tupperware tomorrow, when no one’s looking. Then, in a while, once I’ve gathered enough energy, I’m gonna pack up some of the spatulas and other stuff we don’t really need anymore and bring them to the local soup kitchen, which was my mother’s idea.

Sometimes change is a little hard, even when it’s just changing the contents of your kitchen drawers or getting rid of your excess spatulas. Sometimes change is just plain exhausting and hard. )