Philosophical Shower

Cassie: Why is your shower taking so long, Charlie? Come on!

Charlie: I’m thinking about stuff.

Cassie: Yea?

Charlie: Yea….about what came first…the chicken or the egg. I think it was just a general bird that evolved from some other creature which evolved many years ago from like a whole bunch of cells or bacteria. Then the general bird, over time, became a chicken-like bird and now it’s just, you know, a chicken that produces eggs. So first came the chicken and then the egg.

Cassie: That’s some heavy thinking for the shower.

Charlie: I know. I can’t wait to see what will pop into my head during my shower tomorrow night. (He gets out of the shower and begins drying himself off.)

Cassie: Maybe you’ll think about the other side of the discussion — God.

Charlie: I doubt it. I’m an atheist.

Cassie: Really.

Charlie: A lot of scientists are.

Cassie: I wonder….have you been talking to Max on this subject?

Charlie: He doesn’t believe in God?

Cassie: I don’t think so. Not currently.

Charlie: Do you?

Cassie: Always. (Pause) I think God is love. The love I have for you is God. Humans loving each other. That’s God.

Charlie: What about when humans love animals?

Cassie: God. (Pause) That’s what I think anyway.

Charlie: I don’t think that’s what I’m going to think about in the shower tomorrow night, Mom. Religion.

Cassie: Okay.

Charlie: It’s more fun to just go with whatever pops into your head. (Pause) What do you think about in the shower?

Cassie: Stuff I’ve got to do or stuff I want to write about.

Charlie: So you don’t think about religion either?

Cassie: No. I guess not. But I do think about you guys a lot while I’m thinking through my writing and since I love you and love means God to me, I guess, sort of indirectly, I’m thinking about God.

Charlie: Hmmm…..I’m pretty bored with this conversation right now.

Cassie: Fine. Finish putting your pajamas on and put your dirty clothes by the washing machine. Okay? Don’t leave them on the floor here.

Charlie: Does it hurt your feelings that I don’t believe in God?

Cassie: Not at all. You should believe in whatever you believe in. Does it bother you that I love you so much?

Charlie: Of course not, Mom. Sheesh. (mumbling) Love you too.