Holiday Chat

The same holiday conversation every year….

Cassie: You have to do the lights.

Scott: I don’t want to do the lights.

Cassie: You have to.

Scott: You are not the boss.

Cassie: But I am.

Scott: None of them work. I’ll have to buy all new sets. I’ll have to go to Home Depot. They’ll be all out of white lights for sure. Then I’ll have to go to another Home Depot. It’ll take all day.

Cassie: Just go to Target.

Scott: I hate Target.

Cassie: Well….

Scott: What’s today?

Cassie: December 8th.

Scott: We have plenty of time.

Cassie: Not really. Go get the lights.

Scott: I’ll need a Starbuck’s.

Cassie: Do that first. Get me one. Then go get the lights.

Scott: What are you going to do?

Cassie:  Everything else.

Scott:  Pffft.