Chimps at Breakfast

At breakfast, this morning:
Charlie: It’s my greatest passion to have a chimp for a pet.

Cassie: A chimp, as in a chimpanzee?

Charlie: Yes.

Cassie: Where do you come up with these things, Charlie?

Charlie: I don’t come up with them. The perfect ideas just float into my brain…like magic.

Cassie: Really…well I’m a little flustered this morning since I’ve had to drive everyone to school in separate trips….Max and Chloe refused to walk because of the rain. And now I have to drive you because Dad has a dentist appointment. I’m not really in a good mood….for chimp talk.

Charlie: It would mean a lot to me…in my childhood…to own a chimp. I’d never forget it. If we had one, think of all the stuff you could write on face book.

(This kid….but now I’m thinking….Chimps for pets…illegal in the state of California?)