“How To Drive Your Parents Bonkers Vol. 1”

A little something Charlie’s been working on over Spring Break…Image

Cassie: Is that a picture of Dad? That doesn’t look like Dad. That guy’s wearing glasses.

Charlie: It’s a picture of the “Universal Dad.”

Cassie: The “Universal Dad?”

Charlie: Yes….who is going bonkers because of what his kid has done.

Cassie: “Volume 1.” You’re planning more than one volume?

Charlie: Oh yea. I have enough ideas for at least three volumes.

Cassie: I see.

Charlie: Don’t worry. Almost all of them have already been used on you and Dad. Old material.

Cassie: (Silence)

Charlie: What? You’re speechless now?

Cassie: I’m thinking. Of all the things — all the pranks you’ve pulled. The ones I can remember, anyway.

Charlie: This book will be a trip down Memory Lane for you.

Cassie: Ummm…a stressful trip. Are you going to describe the incidents with pictures or words…or both?

Charlie: Both. I have a lot of work to do. Don’t disturb me for the rest of vacation.