Genevieve’s Saturday Morning Agenda


(I stayed in bed just this once.  Once, I tell you, in many consecutive mornings of waking up over and over and over again to do the cereal or Eggo waffle prep for Gigi.)

Gigi (to Scott): I don’t know why. She really hates doing the cereal.

Scott: She’s just sleeping extra this morning.

Gigi: No. She hates it all the time.

Cassie: (calling out form the bedroom, which is on the first floor, off the dining room – yea, it’s an issue) No, I don’t. Just once I’m resting. Just once!

Gigi: (silence….then) She hates it.


Later, while chewing her cereal….

Gigi: After this cereal, I’ll get my clothes on and we can get everybody up and we’ll all go to see “Iron Man.” Okay, Dad? Okay?

Scott: At nine o’clock in the morning?! I don’t think so. Max won’t be up for hours. And after this cereal business, I’m going back to sleep for a bit. (Pause.) Anyway, you’re not old enough to see “Iron Man”. What’s that rated? I think it’s rated PG-13 or something.

Gigi: What’s that mean: “rated?”

Scott: You have to be thirteen years old to see the movie.

Gigi: But Charlie’s not thirteen. He’s nine. You’re going to let him see the movie. He talks about that all the days. “Iron Man…Iron Man…Iron Man.” How come he gets to see the movie and I can’t?! Huh?!

Scott: You are WAY too young. There are scary parts and inappropriate parts and—

Gigi: I watch scary and in-a-popiate all the time. On TV. I do. I’m not too young.

Scott: It’s too early in the morning to talk about it.

Gigi: We have to set up the day….for what we’re going to do. Wanna go for a bike ride? I wanna try it without the training wheels again. Hmmm? Do you Dad?

Scott: I don’t want to do either thing….movie or the biking… right now. I’m really tired. I need to rest.¬† I’ll do it later.

Gigi: Mom?!!! Mom?!!! Can you wake up now? To plan the day? Since I don’t have ballet class because of the Swan Lake show, which you didn’t bring me to because I’m too little which I’m not, we are going to see “Iron Man” or biking without the training wheels. Which should we do first, huh?! Hmmmm? Mom, wake up!

(Ahhhhhh! Happy Saturday!)