Write What You Know

I’ve had many writing teachers in my past.  Each of them had their own singular advice to offer about the hard work of writing and how a writer wanna-be might approach it. One said: “Write clean.  Few words.  Keep it simple.”  He was a fan of Hemingway.  Another liked sentences that were complicated, each page of prose thick with juicy description and bubbling over with a character’s inner thoughts and reflections.  She favored Henry James.  One thing they all advised, though, was to “Write what you know,” especially when just starting out in the heavy task of learning to write well.

What do I know?  I know my children.  I find great humor in their voices…in how they think and see the world.  This is a blog about what my children say, what they do and the wisdom and humor that prevail in our household as I live each of my days beside them.

I present…queenbeepost…a collection of stories about a queen bee’s management of her royal offspring (two princes, two princesses) and the king and bulldog who live with us too.

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