A Few Things About Charlie The Kid’s Spanish Project

Char's Spanish project #2


1.    Carolina Herrara, a famous Spanish person, was chosen FOR him. “Why would I choose a famous Spanish fashion designer if I got to pick the person myself. Huh? I mean… really?”

2.    While Charlie the Kid claims to have spent a good amount of time over a period of days collecting the facts and coming up with the questions to be included on the mounted posted board, it seemed to me that most of the work on this project was completed at 10:00 pm on Sunday night. “I needed to let the information sink into my mind and the idea for how I would design the poster formulate all weekend long.”

3.     “See? I put a ‘rosette’ on the dress.”
“Yes. I see. What’s a rosette?”
“The flower thing-y.”
“How do you even know what a rosette is?”
“From ‘Cake Boss.’ ”
“You know about it from ‘Cake Boss’, huh? And you applied it to fashion?”
“Yes. I feel strongly that there can be cross-over on cake and fashion decoration.”


(The kid knows what a “rosette” is. That just floors me.)

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